Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Journey to Thiruvannamalai - June 2, 2009

Last week s one my most hectic one..
traveling atleast 1000+ kms over a period of 3 days is certainly tiresome..

My journey to chennai from bangalore on thursday night itself was a curious example..
my decision of taking a new route to chennai via thiruvannamalai a bullshit idea from my cousin pugal caused me an extra 2 hours of journey plus sleepless night..
Enroute to thiruvannamalai was certainly not a joy ride alone , but its not too bad. The whole Route was like a one way, deserted from traffic but smooth to ride takes approximately 4 hours from Hosur. The reason why i choose this particular way was my curiosity to visit this particular town of temple fame which i never visited before. but its useless to be there at an odd hour around 1 am.

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