Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekend @ Life Tree Adventure Camp

A Weekend Team outing was planned from my office on December 17- 18th weekend, just after a week of bad weather. But luckily on the day of our trip, the weather was favouring. Its not so cold, not too sunny, just mild & bearable.We started from office around 6.30 am. We are a team of 60 plus,in 3 buses. The journey was ok, we reached the camp at around 8.30 am.

Life Tree Adventure Camp:

The Life Tree Adventure camp is located near Kanakapura town in Ramanagar District, South Karnataka. Distance from Bengaluru to this camp is around 65 + Km. Life Tree camp is located on either side /banks of a natural lake. The Lake is large , but the water level is not so high. The mood was sombre. we had our Breakfast there.

Adventure Activities:

After the so called 'Ice-Breaking' session, we were grouped into two. I belonged to the1st group and we were to go for the water sports/activities first. we reached the spot by walk, about 1 km on the banks of the lake to reach the other side. There where 5/6 rowing boats and 2 parisal boats. Proper life jackets were available.

Boating/ Rowing Boats:

The Single Seater row boats were fun to ride. we had a very nice time rowing the boats and played in water.I fell in love with this sport. we have spend more time enjoying the boating.If i got a chance, i would have spend the whole day just rowing boats.

Zip Lining:

The Zip Lining was the other adventure activity in the lake, it looks risky to do initially, but its so interesting and irresistible for me. I have never done it before so i was so excited to do it. Zip lining is sliding into the lake, from the rope tied on to a tree. This is so fun and adventurous.


After the water sports / activities, we had our lunch and after a short break, we went for our next activity, called Rappelling. we had a walk, through a small village on the hilly area. very few houses where there.After 45 minutes (3~4 kms) of walk, we reached a spot, where there is a small hill/rock. Rappelling is climbing down from the top of the rock using a rope, with enough safety gears. This activity is so scary and risky, many people were backed off from this activity. I was so thrilled to finish off this Rappelling, and it was so much fun and exciting.

We returned to our base camp, after rappelling, had evening snacks/tea etc., there is nothing much to do till night. Campfire started late evening, a little bit of music, not much entertaining. we had our dinner and got ready to sleep. The Camp people has arranged for lot of tents on the lawns, which are good. Proper Beds/ pullover bedsheets were arranged.


On Sunday Morning, we wake up early in the morning, got ready for trekking. we started by around 7.30 Am. There were hills nearby the camp. we climbed up on a hill which took more than an hour to reach the top. The hill was steep, views from the hill was so good. we had our group photos taken there, had some rest, then went to another echo point. The downhill journey was nice, we climb down around the mountain. It was such a long journey downhill. The trekking experience was nice, by far the longest trekking i had gone.

we returned to the base camp, had our breakfast, and started our  journey to Bengaluru. Overall this trip was so nice and adventurous. It was so refreshing, a break from redundant daily routine. I feel so Energized.

Monday, September 14, 2015



Kabilan Presenting Tulips




Flower Boy







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